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A Harsh Prediction For The Future Of Investmenting

Let me take a tiny look into the foreseeable future.

(Please note: I've got no clue if it's true. I'm just repackaging the facts to tell a different tale. This is strictly for entertainment purposes).

Ok boys and girls, the tale goes like this:

Coming into 2016, the wheels of the world-wide market were falling off. America had just observed one of the largest transfers of assets from public to private hands in history-- as Quantitative Easing removed money from future generations and directed it into the marketplaces.

In doing this, it generated an enormous Wall Street bubble, as corporations used inexpensive credit to procure their own shares, lining bank profits all along the way.

Banks were more than happy. Consumers, less so.

The restorative actions that had followed the economic wrongdoings of the GFC actually ended up being actually quite lucrative for the criminals, as it happened.

At any rate, nobody trusted that the stock market was sustainable. A crunch was a question of when, not if.

At the same time, the European Union was falling to pieces. An economic union that forced significantly different economies into bed with one another had been a horror story for smaller economies. For the some of the more substantial economies, like Germany, who were now effectively operating with an enormously undervalued exchange rate, and had unrestricted access to widened customer and work markets, it had literally been fantastic.

And worldwide, anger against international trade deals similar to the TPP (which allowed corporations to sue government if they did anything that infringed on profits) was growing. Both presidential candidates in the United States were campaigning against it.

People believed that they were getting screwed. They were irritated and starting to wake-up and push back.

This was bad news for the Space-Lizard Illuminati. They really did not want folks waking up. They didn't want folks believing that they were entitled to anything like actual democracy. They really did not want trade barricades to go up and for the money flows to stop.

What to do?

Proving that every crisis is an opportunity, they put together the case for MORE globalisation, not less.

And so for a while, they stirred up the fires of a populist retaliation. They energised and invigorated their adversaries.

And it allowed them to have a few victories. It granted them Brexit (in a surprise, almost questionable, victory that nobody predicted).

Britain, as a nation, was permitted to turn its back on the new world order. From 2017, populist groups in Italy and France also continued to have significant triumphs.

Then there was Trump. In another shock win, Donald beat his adversaries for the Republican nomination with devastating and surprising ease. With a very out of the ordinary free-kick from the FBI just 11 days out of the election, he took his campaign platform of people-focused trade deals and groping women directly into the white house.

Everything was going to plan.

Because at the same time as the space-lizards were energising opposition, they were also controlling the media to construct a very particular tale.

That plot said that populists like "The Donald" were nothing more than racist, simple minded cave men. It went to great lengths to point out that their concerns were not valid complaints with the distribution of wealth and resources, but just a mentally dysfunctional dislike of brown people.

Hipsters drank it up like kittens on babycinos.

And keeping that, all the pins were in place.

And with that, the whole show was allowed to fall over.

It started off with one of the EU banks. Surprise, surprise, they were bankrupt. From there, one at a time banks throughout Europe toppled. Then America. Then China. Governments threw a shit can of cash at them in the process, and their directors were all put out to a lovely pasture in the Spanish countryside.

The US stock exchange -- which had been edgy all through 2016-- went into a nose dive. Several large super funds went to the wall.

It became named The Great Vaporization.

We left you alone for 5 minutes and looked what happened. You pushed back on globalisation and look where it got you.

You thought you wanted more equality of opportunity, fairer trade rules, proper protection of the local environment and individual sovereignty. You believed you wanted multinationals to pay tax and to stay out of local politics ... Well, have you learnt anything now?

This is why you can't have nice things.

And don't blame us, we weren't driving when the whole show crashed off the road. Blame Brexit. Blame Trump.

Here, listen to this morally righteous hipster.

And with that, resistance to unfettered globalisation became permanently linked with the smell of racism and economic disaster.

You just couldn't get it off your shoes. You couldn't even talk about it without someone comparing you to Hitler.

Effective resistance to their plan for worldwide supremacy was completely scuttled. And the space lizards laughed and laughed.

What do you think children? Nice story?

I'm just going to pop this one up here for the record. Let's check in a year and see how it's all played out.

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